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Tactical Voting or Just Voting for What You Don’t Want?

May 5, 2010

I’ve just been listening to the news on Radio 4,  (it will probably come as no surprise that I am a Radio 4 afficionado) and the commentary about the UK election. There was lots of discussion about tactical voting and it struck me that most of the discussion is about what we don’t want for the country and in our leader.  All three of the main candidates have focussed on what’s not working and to be fair they have stated their plans  (for instance the Conservaties are going to set up New Academy Schools, Labour is going to protect ‘front line investment’ and the LibDems are going to raise the income tax threshold) but I am no clearer about what their individual vision for the country is and  I am really no clearer about what type of leader  I might be voting for in this new world. This got me wondering whether what we are seeing played out in the election is being played out across organisations and the economy as a whole? How many organisations do you know who are focussed on not missing targets and are missing them all over the place?

Our current thinking hasn’t worked and as Einstien says  ” We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  Great Leadership is being really clear about and communicating your vision (your legacy even)  and having the bravery to stand up to the critics for daring to think and do what others consider the impossible. They inspire followership and create an environment of support and co-operation rather than target competition. They tell others what kind of  Leader they are and share enough about themselves, their strenghts and  their vulnerabilities, so others  connect and understand both them and their ideas and can be forgiving of their foibles, enabling them to be both human and the stuff of  legend.

Give your followers something to vote for. Be that Leader.

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