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Letting go of outcomes – part 2

October 27, 2014

Letting go of the coach’s outcomes or goals for the session enables the coach to truly hold the space for the client.This could be, I want this to be a great session, I want this to work – these goals have inherent in them a sense of responsbility to be the best coach and also for the client to be the best type of client. It is this pressure that inhibts and closes down possiblity

If we think of openness and openness of space in the psychodynamic terms, it is described by coaches as something felt. What is felt is the boundaries of the relationship. The greater the connection and trust the stronger the boundary. Trust is party dependent on the coach’s ability to let go of judgement about the client. This is also the judgement about whether or not the goal is a good or useless for the client. It is the openess that goal is what is currently being talked about and their may be more.

Potentially the strength of the relationship (based on trust) – is what enables the held space to be expansive. Any sense of judgement – whether by the coach, client or third party, dimishes that space and possibilities for the relationship to be transformative.

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